Important Information


Processing takes 1-3 business days before shipping !


  1. Shipping is now based on the particular items that you purchase because of the weight of the specific item makes the price be lower or higher. That is why the shipping cost has updated! (shipping will be delivered within 1-3 business days after the order has been processed)

  2. We have delivery option as well as long as you are located in the Lee/Albany, GA area. (You'll receive the date it will be delivered within 1-2 days)

  3. Lastly, we have a pickup option where you would physically come and meet to get your order.

Checking Out:

We now have 3 payment methods at checkout!

  1. There is the checkout button which leads you instructions to pay through cashapp. 

  2. There is the Paypal link where you will pay with credit/debit if you have paypal and if you do not. If you do not then just simply click "use credit/debit" once you are one the link.

  3. There is the Pay Later button that is ran through PayPal so you will with this option have to sign up so that you can Buy Now and Pay Later. It will be paid in 2 week increments, it'll explain more once you do it. 


There will not be any refunds or returns unless there is problems on my end. Please make sure you are selecting the correct items and double check sizes before checking out. Also, make sure you are putting in the correct address if you find immediately that you put the wrong address contact me immediately. If you wait until it is shipped you will have to reorder because at that specific point, that is not the CEO's mistake.